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Our Latest Makeup Obsession

Here at PoshSquare, we're totally all for the monochrome movement. In celebration of our brand new monochrome collection, we're showcasing some of our fave celeb monochrome makeup looks.Contrary to what some haters might think, matching your lipstick and eye shadow to your outfit isn't actually boring or lazy at all, but it can really look chic and put together. I mean after all, if you're already matching your crop top to your pencil skirt than why not throw on a color coordinated lipstick? 

Emma Stone

Emma Stone proves that monochrome makeup isn't just a current fad, but it's actually a look that's worked on the red carpet for years. We love, love, love how she perfectly matched her peachy makeup to her dress at the 2011 Golden Globe Awards. The key to her look is that she added deep bronze undertones to prevent her overall look from being too orange. Mission accomplished.


Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez has never had a bad beauty moment so you know that if she's on board for monochrome makeup, then the whole world will be too. She color coordinated her rich lipstick to her dark burgundy dress back at the 2014 Met Ball and we're still not over it. Date night look, anyone?



Similar to Selena, Rihanna also pulled off a dark monochrome makeup moment when she flawlessly matched her matte lipstick to her gown. Leave it to RiRi to take it a step further though, as she also added eye shadow with hints of deep purple. Can she get anymore perfect? 

Cara Delevingne

Leave it to Cara Delevingne to totally convince us that monochrome makeup can be fresh and effortlessly beautiful. She coordinated her eye shadow to match her white top and it definitely works some serious magic- her gorgeous eyes look a million times brighter. 



Gwen Stefani

Is there a makeup look out there that Gwen Stefani can't pull off? The answer is no, definitely not. The pop star and fashion chameleon shows off a lowkey way to work this trend by matching her bright pink lipstick to the accent color of her top. This is no doubt (pun intended- we couldn't resist) the easiest way to rep this trend on a daily basis.   


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